We have a wide selection of fragrances created by our perfumers and developed in our laboratories. Fragrances with personality, that transmit experiences, sensations and values.
Our secret is based on the experience acquired during generations, the newest technology and the constant study of market trends.

Fine Fragrances


Our perfumers create inspired by the best of the Oriental and Occidental World.

Perfumes that awaken senses

Ambiental Fragrances


We have a wide range of fruity, floral or woody essences that refresh the environment.

Every moment can be represented by a different fragrance.

For reed diffusers, aromatic candles or any other form of air freshener, we manufacture fragrances adapted to their needs (see olfactory marketing) .

Functional Fragrances


These days the feelings of relaxation which lead us to a state of safety and inner peace are more and more needed in peoples´ lives. Properties of these fragrances can be odors neutralizer o bacteria killers.

Cosmetic and hygiene products require a solid understanding of the sector (ways of use, profiles, trends, technical limitations among others); our team develops new fragrances for gels, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, cosmetics… eligible for the best performance into these different products .

A product without a fragrance is a product without identity.